Prolong Oil lubricant  


    Prolong Oil is a "Super Lubricant" that bonds to metal, dramatically reducing friction. And unlike other lubricants, it does this without getting gummy or attracting dirt and grit! My experience with Prolong Oil is that my equipment lasts about 3 times longer with Prolong Oil versus any other lubricant I have tried, and I have tried almost everything on the market.

I use it in my car

    I have used Prolong Oil in my car for many years. At about 130,000 miles a $35 sensor inside the transmission stopped working, so I had the transmission serviced.

    When I picked up my car that evening, the repair man made a point of meeting me

            and asking: "What did I do to my car?"

        He wanted to know why there were NO metal filings inside the transmission.

How To Prep Chains and Cassettes:

    How well you prep your chains and cassettes directly translates into how well Prolong Oil will work for you.

    FIRST: remove ALL the grease from the chains and cassette cogs. The soap at a spray car wash works very well. After using the soap and sprayer to get rid of all the grease, rinse off the soap with plain water, and then let the chains and cassettes dry.

    SECOND: empty the Engine Oil Treatment into a container that is fairly small, but large enough to hold a chain and cassette submerged in the oil. The spray can of Prolong Oil goes in your tool box.

    THIRD: put the chain and cassette in the oil and let them soak for 2 or more weeks. Then remove them from the oil, letting almost all the oil to drip off and back into the container so it can be reused. Then use a rag to wipe off most of the remaining oil. Afterwards, the chain and cassette should be oily, but not drippy.

    FOURTH: put them on you bike and use the spray can of Prolong Oil as needed to have just a lite sheen of oil on the chain and cassette.