License Plates Collection 

    Way back when I saw that a red corvette with license plates "Kid DR" was usually at the sample place and time on Sheridan Rd, I realized that most vehicles are creatures of habit. If I memorized a tag and where and when I saw it, then doing so for all vehicles would help me predict traffic, thus making my workouts safer.

8888 Japan1IIII11 VirgniaABLATER Colorado UsesHeatToRemoveTissue286 OniedaNation17 Dubai1010110 Michigan  ZrG602 LUST 4 Georgia1EARUP Texas2B or NOT2B EU0 KIDS Texas440px AudiA8 Kanzlerwagen2REEHGR California treehugger612 P45 NewYork pininfarina p45 ferrari scaglietti911WAIT Colorado128GHZ Texas and EU